Zen writes (back)

Hi Mom:

I know you have wanted to post all week (but you didn’t do it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). You’ve clearly had a lot on your mind. So you’re taking on the Daily Prompt challenge:  Return Address ,huh?

Glad I can be of assistance.

Well, I’ve been keeping an eye on you as usual, just in case you need to pat my back or scratch my head all of a sudden. I can tell that you’ve wanted to take me for a walk, play a game of ball, even bathe me…,but you think there isn’t enough time in the day, you wonder how you could tear yourself away from everyone else or everything else that’s well…more important, more pressing. Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere, anytime soon. I really don’t mind just following you around the house all day. When you’re not here, I follow grandma and Ziad (your “so adorable” nephew). Makes for a pretty eventful day with that…Ziad. He’s never more than a pull or tug away.

Nevertheless I hope it doesn’t rain overnight, then maybe we can go for a walk. I sure love those walks! Especially when we pass by all those other dogs who bark from the inside of their yards, they get so jealous of me 🙂

Heard we’re going to the groomers tomorrow, I’m glad you’ll be waiting outside for me I hate those kennels they put me in to wait for you when I am all groomed and ready to go.

Anyway, 4  pm isn’t too far away and I am looking forward to my lunch…see you soon!

Love always,

Your dog


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