Whatever’s good

Ready, Set, Done!

It’s 9:34 am. I’m at the library and super-thankful that I got here early enough for a parking spot just outside the building. Also thankful that I got on the internet before the rush hour; it means easy surfing and seamless movement in WordPress- ’til I buckle down to school work.

There are only three other persons in the postgrad section of the library- it’s peaceful.

I have a bunch of activities to do before babysitting my nephew between 3 and 5pm (I am sooo looking forward to it, he is such a joy.).I WILL accomplish enough in the next 5 hours; that’s a promise, self. And by God’s grace, even if I am not as successful as I expect to be…I will be satisfied having made the effort and produced- no matter how minimal.


Let’s go!

P.S. I am not sure if I made the “10 minute” free write mark; nevertheless, it was free-writing

gotta get the sweeping done


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