a mind escaping

When I left for Negril on Friday Dec 5 my grandmother was feeling fluish. I returned on Sunday to find that she had developed a chesty cough.

I noticed about 4 days ago that she was having trouble remembering the day we were on (totally unlike her- she is a master of numbers and dates). In the last 2 days she has begun hearing sounds imperceptible to others and visualizing; she seems confounded and somewhat giddy; (also unlike her).

But she is 90 and has led a long healthy life. My family and I, as well as countless relatives have enjoyed her thoroughly, even today there remain hints of her humour and meticulousness.

Over the past couple of months her physical decline has taken a toll on her psychologically (as you can imagine). Although it’s hard seeing her this way, I wonder whether she is not better off being a little “out of tune”.

The day before yesterday I wondered whether she would recognize me in the morning.

Yesterday she was mostly back to her “old” self.

Today, we’ll have to wait and see…

Here she is on the left with her older sister. We had a small celebration for her birthday which was about 3 weeks ago.

ama and aunt cynthia

Here she is again cutting the cake with her great-grandson.

happy birthday day toooo youuu





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