Unfinished Business (a throwback to Jan 2015)

A new academic semester starts in 1.5 days.

In my mind, I visualize the bookshelf in my room designated for all my school-related papers. I think to myself: “I need to get organized”…what does that mean anyway?

I don’t believe I can throw out any material connected to the masters degree that I am currently pursuing. Though it would be nice to do so.

I’d like to push far away: incomplete assignments along with other snippets of life interrupted by a high, low or side effect.

Until about 2002 my life was relatively unaffected by bipolar disorder.

Then it began to interfere with everything from relationships to employment and now to academia.

Its challenging not to focus on what having this illness has cost me, I know it has blessed me too or else I wouldn’t have it.

New beginnings, harrowing middles and abrupt endings.

(Almost 2 months later)

It’s week 7 of the academic term and I am slightly anxious. It seems I never get through as much work to be personally satisfied. But I must celebrate still; those baby steps, are steps nonetheless.

Just how will it all end?

Check me next year this time, I’ll have a better idea about the answer to that question than I do now.


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