“Deep” what?

Often, I catch myself having been holding my breath for how long I don’t know- I guess I breathe in just enough air to get through the next moment. So then I release it carefully and take a deep breath in and then I have to consciously let it out again…all of it!

Yes, I literally push it out and then, if I am not carried away by a passing thought or feeling, I inhale again, very deeply and as slowly as I can.

My father has always encouraged me to practice deep breathing. Needless to say, I never paid it much attention- i.e. until now.

These days, it’s as though I am learning to breathe all over again, except I don’t remember when I first learned.

  • Of course I was too young, what were you thinking?

–          You don’t remember learning to take your first breath do you?

On a more serious note, it seems, this dilemma “all boils down to” anxiety.

Gosh, it’s heavy.

I mean, I love knowing that anxiety pills are available for the taking but who wants to take another pill? I know…not you!

–          Not me either.

So, what’s the long term solution? Or, to speak in a more eco-friendly manner:

–          What is the sustainable solution?

Regular exercise, dietary change, a whole lot of prayer and, well, moments of deep breathing.

good grief
To A Sustainable Future!


2 thoughts on ““Deep” what?

  1. You are luckier than most who are still “Waiting To Exhale” maybe you saw the movie as I know you never read the book 🙂

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