Tyad (Patois for “Tired”)

‘Tyad’ is how I feel on most visits to see my psychiatrist

As we sit to talk, I feel overwhelmed; I feel like screaming “MERCY!”

Instead I say (trusting that he’ll understand where I am): “I don’t know how much more of this I can take…”

His reply is always optimistic

I’m still here right? (I think)

Still I’m tired:

  • of the pressure to survive bipolar disorder
  • of trudging through the days an emotional wreck
  • of worrying that I am trudging
  • of hoping that it will be better tomorrow

Tired of the weight of bipolar disorder. Of embracing it, of not, of having others embrace it with me…or not.


2 thoughts on “Tyad (Patois for “Tired”)

  1. I sometimes wonder if you are on the right meds. Usually if you are, life becomes a lot easier unless an incident triggers an attack.

    1. Hi again Colette, thanks for commenting here. As I said to you before, I’m on the right meds for now. As you know, we have to adjust here and there depending on the season and our level of stress. So I agree that being on the right meds makes things a lot easier but ‘attacks’ might still come.

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