Illness Army: “On Encountering Bipolar Disorder”

I consider myself fortunate, blessed rather to have received an early diagnosis. At least I knew what was causing my symptoms. I’m sure I have issues that aren’t linked to my having bipolar disorde…

Source: Illness Army: “On Encountering Bipolar Disorder”


I’m on the look out for depression, learning I have to be ready just in case. It can only help to be prepared since mood swings are part and parcel of having bipolar disorder.

Day in, day out: monitoring. Am I anxious? Irritable? Too tired? Not tired enough? Er, is that a side effect?

Having a regular routine is also advisable, same time to bed every night, same time out of bed in the morning- it is harder than it sounds but not impossible.

Having a mental illness is a full-time job for which you don’t get paid on a schedule. I can attest however to the rewards of diligence.

Patience and hope I need by the truckload and of course, help. In the final analysis, we’re all dependent on someone else anyway. I’m learning the importance of valuing my team.

So, who’s on your side?